Say Enough Already! Put an End to Pedophilia

To know peace is to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Pedophilia is a monstrous scourge upon this great nation and must be eradicated like the virulent disease it is for the sake of our children.  Suspected sexual abuse be it in a scout troop, charitable organization, group home, institution of higher learning, church or inside your own home must not be allowed free reign. If you are a child being abused, no matter how afraid, please tell someone.


If you are an adult and suspect a pedophile is lurking in your midst, just as the jurors in the Jerry Sandusky trial, “broke years of silence about Sandusky’s systematic targeting, grooming and abuse of children,” you must not turn a blind eye. To do so leave yet another child quaking in fear knowing it is only a matter of time before the monster strikes again.

Thank God the Sandusky jurors saw beneath the veneer of a once beloved football coach to the predatory sociopath – Jerry Sandusky, the monster. Thank God that even though years had passed and with no so-called physical evidence the jurors believed the victims and not Sandusky’s paid flunkies. All the while ‘The Great Pretender’ sat quietly, these young men again being victimized betrayed as liars seeking a pay day. That they won’t be believed is what keeps many children from reporting these monsters in the first place.

Hopefully the convictions of Sandusky and Msgr. William J. Lynn, the first high-level Roman Catholic official to be found guilty in the priest sexual abuse scandal, sent a clear message that pedophiles and their enablers, no matter how high up, will no longer be tolerated. In Sandusky’s case, the Penn State system and perhaps even Dottie Sandusky, let this monster feed off of poor young boys as though it was his God given right to do so. Just as the monsignor will do time other enablers or just flat out protectors of pedophiles should suffer dire consequences for their inaction.


No child in this country, as a matter of fact, no child in this world should quake in dark fear knowing some monster is coming for them. No child should be subjected to the horrors of a monster that so many seek to protect either because it or the organization it represents is deemed too big to be brought down.

Children are not on this earth to serve as sexual appetizers for deviants to gorge themselves. Shamefully that is how so many children are treated as those who could and should be their defenders look the other way. Especially if the monster happens to be a pretty blond teacher, trusted priest or preacher, dedicated scout leader, head of household, revered athletic coach, etc. If you proclaim to love children but when it’s time to protect a child decides time heals all wounds and its only sex, then you too are a monster.

This unspoken entitlement to a child’s flesh has been with us since before the age of darkness. Since we are supposed to be the enlightened ones it is up to us to say by our actions enough already. Please say it with me – ENOUGH ALREADY!