Why Some Celebrity Wrongdoers Get A Pass While Others Get Pounded

Some celebrities can do no wrong in the court of public opinion. Taint rolls off them like water off a duck’s back while some are hated almost with a vengeance deserved or not.

The Gizmo celebs catch a break.

Let’s begin with Arnold, cigar-smoking Schwarzenegger. The ex-governator cheated on his wife, Maria Shriver, with the hired help and after the initial flurry, mostly outpourings of, ‘hang in there Maria, it hardly registered on the public’s Richter scale. The man sired a child almost the same age as a son with his wife and his coat of armor remains relatively undinged.

Enter Tiger Woods. The hatred many bear for the man is so palpable you could cut it with a knife. Whereas Arnold cheated with one woman that we know of, Tiger had several so-called ‘mistresses’ and didn’t impregnate a single one that we know of. Yet the very thought of this man winning a golf tournament make some physically ill. One commenter said the only reason he watches golf these days is to see Tiger lose.

Why the double standard? Does success breed contempt? After all once you get past The Terminator, Terminator 2 – Judgment Day and Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines, Arnold definitely does not flex any Oscar muscle. Tiger on the other hand has won enough majors to make many of the heretofore golf heavies look minor by comparison. Of course that was before his black hole of infidelity came to light and ‘mistress’ after ‘mistress’ kept clambering out like King Solomon’s concubines. The unified chorus of the hated is they must be doing something right to have so many haters.

Then there’s LeBron James, hated because he no longer wanted to continue a Sisyphean role in Cleveland and headed to Miami to become the LeBron, Wade, and Bosh trio in hope of finally getting that much coveted ring.

Haters claim they don’t hate James simply because he left. It was the way he did it. But people leave jobs in which they are no longer fulfilled or feel they aren’t adequately compensated, or for whatever reason all the time. Some get a send-off party. Some don’t.  The fact is, unlike many of his haters, LeBron has skills that afforded him options and opportunity and he exercised his right to seize upon them. As the saying goes, ‘don’t hate the player hate the game.’

The Striped celebs get a perpetual pounding.

Mel Gibson, you better hope you’ve made enough money to carry you to your grave because it doesn’t appear you are ever going to be forgiven. The character WilliamW allace was much beloved in the movie Braveheart, but Mel Gibson, thou name continues to be mud in the court of public opinion.

The rumor mill recently started to grind again on the whispered dalliances of beloved John Travolta. You have got to love a man who can dance in the movies the way he does. His Vincent Vega character in Pulp Fiction even busted a move that pushed that movie beyond the stratosphere. John is an icon of dance. A figurine you place on an étagère shelf to gaze upon and hope never gets broken. Just like before and no effort on Travolta’s part, the latest rumors came to a screeching halt and will remain one of those things only whispered about.

Kim K. just keep on rolling that body all the way to the bank, girl. A commenter recently said the Venus de Milo on carb overload looked grotesque in a recent picture her sweetie Kanye tweeted for the world to see. The thought of a KimYe baby made this commenter throw up a little in her mouth. Another declared her a racist for only dating black guys. According to a recent New York Post poll this woman is hated even more than Jerry Sandusky.

Nearly all rappers and NBA players no matter what  are automatically deemed thugs. What is a thug? Anyone who uses crime and/or intimidation to get their way is a thug. Gender, race, class-it makes no difference. Corporations such as Walmart and Six Flags due to their unscrupulous business practices could even be classified as thugs. Lets not forget Jerry Sandusky, the worst kind of thug, who used his power and standing in the community to prey upon the most vulnerable. Yet Kim K. is hated even more than this thug most foul.

Finally, Bill Clinton. Despite befouling the oval office, lying to congress and the American people, the man is more revered than ever. All of you hated ones should be so lucky. Perhaps charisma is key. Bill, Arnold, and Travolta are definitely charismatic. Throw in likable spouses: Hillary, Maria, and Kelly Preston and perhaps the reason those three get a pass and the others a never-ending pounding.