Is Mitt Romney Completely Wrong For The Country?

Wish I’d told the universe I wanted to be a poet

The great and powerful cyberverse has spoken and the consensus is Mitt Romney’s completely wrong for this great nation of ours. Ever hear the saying, “if you look up the word _____enter a word, in this case lets enter ‘liar’, in the dictionary you will see so and so’s picture? Since physical dictionaries are practically extinct now days, we have to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and stuff like that the word(s) to get the picture.

Remember when cyberverse was abuzz over Mitt Romney’s diatribe about 47 percent of the nation being slackers, pay no federal income tax, etc., etc.? How, apparently drunk with bravado among all those rich donors, he went on to state his role “is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Remember that?

Well like many of Romney’s positions of late, his position about those remarks has undergone a metamorphosis. After his debate with President Obama, exuding confidence and perhaps feeling he could afford to be a bit magnanimous, Romney walked back the disparaging comments. Instead of his words being inelegantly stated, Romney now confesses they were ‘just completely wrong’.

It’s been said what you send into the universe is what you get back. In this case cyberverse is the harbinger of bad news. On a friend’s advice, I Googled the words ‘completely wrong’, then clicked on images. Lo and behold, what did I see, image after image of Mitt Romney. I wondered if this could all be true and found more of the same at Planet Yahoo.

Whether Mitt Romney, should he become president, is truly wrong for the Country remains to be seen. But God Almighty he’s said such ‘out of touch’ things. “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance,” he is quoted as saying after vowing to eviscerate Obamacare.  Well thousands of Americans, were they alive to speak for themselves, might beg to differ. Not to mention the millions of uninsured who can’t afford to go to a doctor so put off checkups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Face value Mitt seems a likeable guy but when he opens his mouth sh**t really fly:

Corporations are people too; Planned Parenthood and PBS to balance the budget be gone with you. For a man who thinks nothing of making a $10,000 bet to nickel and dime us defunding programs that hardly make a dent. These programs for many mean so much. Are you really a mean guy or seriously out of touch?

Then you go overseas and insult our staunchest ally, oh Mitt with all your political grandstanding you are quite a guy. With all your money, Nascar-owning friends, and elevators to carry Ann’s Cadillacs, guess you are accustomed to talking smack. And just when the poor with their ‘safety nets’ were about to get lonely, you threw in the forty-seven percenters, oh my God, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney I don’t know what it’s like to be rich to tell the truth, but I do know it’s wrong to drive for twelve hours with my dog on the roof.  Animal lover that I am such cruelty makes my blood run cold, for what does it matter to gain the world and lose one’s soul.

Oh maybe I’m being superstitious but after Googling ‘completely wrong’ and getting your multiple image, the thought of you being president makes me quite squirmish.

Who Are You Online?

Gimme that poison. Now as I was saying…

At a recent seminar, we attendees or is it us attendees were asked, “Who are you online?” Pssst…to look half-way worthy of your time I suppose one should know the correct usage for we and us in the context of above sentence. But honestly I would have to Google to find out. I will take a chance on not appearing too scholarly today and hopefully the grammar police won’t arrest me. All of which gets me to thinking about Socrates and why I consider him such a bad ass.

Socrates. Say what you will but the quintessential bad boy of his time had balls. Given the options exile or death, the well-known if not the most well-known Greek philosopher, chose death. If he couldn’t sit around the square ‘corrupting’ the minds of the young men of the time, which is how Athens powers-that-be viewed his so-called philosophizing, then to hell with it. A Jacques-Louis David painting of Socrates still running his mouth while accepting a goblet of hemlock; surrounded by his entourage says it best. Socrates just didn’t give a damn.

In this country where graduation from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the like makes you an automatic scholar, Socrates, born way back when in Athens Greece, would have none of it. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates was supposedly deemed the wisest man in Athens by none other than the Oracle at Delphi, instead of embracing this accolade from on high Socrates chose instead to become a “gadfly”.

Insisting he had no wisdom Socrates set out to prove it by questioning the purported great minds of the day. Afterward he avowed that like him they knew nothing or very little. The paradox was him admitting or recognizing his own ignorance whereas the others didn’t thereby proving the Oracle right. Of course this didn’t garner any favors among the elite and his smart-alecky be-hind had to go.

Another thing about Socrates is he never wrote a doggone thing. Maybe he didn’t care how history would later view him. Or maybe it was a clever ploy by this major contributor to the field of ethics to encourage critical thinking even at the expense of his legacy. Who in the heck really knows since most accounts of him come from the writings of his students, Xenophon and Plato, and playwright, Aristophanes. With Plato and Aristophanes being literary writers who knows what literary license they may have taken to elevate their beloved Socrates.

Lets just say everyone knows of Socrates but no one really knows Socrates. He’s such an enigmatic figure there’s even something called the Socratic Problem. If Socrates lived during this age of social media where your profile tells the world who you are would he be SOL if he didn’t Facebook, Twitter, Blog, You Tube, Pinterest, and all else? Furthermore would he even care? That he wrote nothing, and apparently never strayed too far from his homeland suggests he didn’t seek celebrity. Now here he is centuries later a heavy weight among philosophers.

So after network strategist, Teddy Burriss, asked us attendees, ‘who are you online’ and said in so many words if you Google yourself and come back empty-handed you have a problem. And if you Google yourself and the results are less than favorable in your own opinion you still have a problem. Who are you online?

Go ahead and Google yourself and see what you get.