Sometime I Have These Dreams


Dreamscape – By Zeke

Sometime I have these dreams where I’m trying like crazy to get someplace. The setting is usually in or around a university. Either I can’t get to my classes or my dorm room or can’t find my car or leave my bag behind. I climb stairs that abruptly ends. I walk corridors long as roads, and enter doors that lead everywhere except where I need to be. Sometime I end up in restrooms with filthy overflowing commodes. I watch others enter and leave. I search for a clean stall but behind every door is a sight not for the meek of heart.

In one I’m desperately trying to get to my classes because my grades are on thin ice, but there’s nothing I can do. I see myself walking, feet striking the concrete, passing buildings, passing other students, passing classrooms filled with students, entering offices, stairwells that empty into yet more corridors, but none leads me to where I should be.

What does it mean? To find a clue, I look up the definition of dream? A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep, is what one Google search turned up. According to that definition I suppose I could sum it all up and say my life is an overflowing sewer going nowhere. My frustration and the panicky feeling of running out of time are quite evident in these stories that vexes my dreams to near nightmare.

As if the classroom, dorm and restroom scenarios aren’t bad enough, there are times I can’t find my car. In these dreams, the parking lot is a huge island that includes parking decks and outside parking spaces neatly segmented, cluttered with vehicles. Again, I’m going to where I believe my car to be, but it’s not and thus begins the never-ending search. I swear in these dreams I walk my legs off without breaking a sweat.

In my last car search dream I meet a female. She’s short with black curly hair beneath a Carolina blue ball cap and she’s wearing this jersey that hangs midway on her chunky thighs. It’s chilly out. She’s wearing a dark denim jacket with that jersey dangling like a skirt. I’m standing in front of this huge old church that shadows the entire block. I’m heading up the steps hoping to find someone who can point me to a shortcut.  I’ve strayed so far from that humongous parking lot it’s not even funny.

I’m eyeing the building and out of the corner of my ever-vigilant eye notices she’s watching me like some bird of prey.  I thought I would be spared after she’d stated her case to a lady who’d shook her head and continued on to the daycare attached to the church. Before I can go in the opposite direction, she swoops. “Mam, mam,” she calls out.  She’s in my face, not making eye contact but not hanging her head either. “I’m pregnant can you help me out?” My eyes glide downward but the getup gives nothing away. Still I dig a hand full of coins out of my slouch bag and give them to her. She’s in luck because in some of these dreams I leave my bag behind and have to go in search for it.

“Thank you mam,” she says, taking off like she expected me to ask for my money back. “Make sure you feed that baby,” I call and for the first time she looks at me does a little thing with her neck, almost like a turtle cringing toward its shell, as if to say you are lost. Who the hell are you to tell me anything? Done with me she enters a trail in a heavily treed park just a walk across the church’s asphalt and soon it swallows her whole.

The wooden medieval door won’t budge. A fire breathing dragon could’ve been behind there for all I knew. That’s how quick I high-tailed it from there. A cobblestone walkway leads up to more doors. Before I’d gotten halfway a man walks out to me.  He says if I’m looking for the group that they’d gone for the day. I thanked him and stood in the shadow of that great church looking up. A cold wetness spatters on my forehead. A storm is brewing.  I still myself against the elements and wonder which way to go. Then I wake up and relief floods out the frustration and growing panic because thank God it was just a dream.

Is Mitt Romney Completely Wrong For The Country?

Wish I’d told the universe I wanted to be a poet

The great and powerful cyberverse has spoken and the consensus is Mitt Romney’s completely wrong for this great nation of ours. Ever hear the saying, “if you look up the word _____enter a word, in this case lets enter ‘liar’, in the dictionary you will see so and so’s picture? Since physical dictionaries are practically extinct now days, we have to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and stuff like that the word(s) to get the picture.

Remember when cyberverse was abuzz over Mitt Romney’s diatribe about 47 percent of the nation being slackers, pay no federal income tax, etc., etc.? How, apparently drunk with bravado among all those rich donors, he went on to state his role “is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Remember that?

Well like many of Romney’s positions of late, his position about those remarks has undergone a metamorphosis. After his debate with President Obama, exuding confidence and perhaps feeling he could afford to be a bit magnanimous, Romney walked back the disparaging comments. Instead of his words being inelegantly stated, Romney now confesses they were ‘just completely wrong’.

It’s been said what you send into the universe is what you get back. In this case cyberverse is the harbinger of bad news. On a friend’s advice, I Googled the words ‘completely wrong’, then clicked on images. Lo and behold, what did I see, image after image of Mitt Romney. I wondered if this could all be true and found more of the same at Planet Yahoo.

Whether Mitt Romney, should he become president, is truly wrong for the Country remains to be seen. But God Almighty he’s said such ‘out of touch’ things. “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance,” he is quoted as saying after vowing to eviscerate Obamacare.  Well thousands of Americans, were they alive to speak for themselves, might beg to differ. Not to mention the millions of uninsured who can’t afford to go to a doctor so put off checkups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Face value Mitt seems a likeable guy but when he opens his mouth sh**t really fly:

Corporations are people too; Planned Parenthood and PBS to balance the budget be gone with you. For a man who thinks nothing of making a $10,000 bet to nickel and dime us defunding programs that hardly make a dent. These programs for many mean so much. Are you really a mean guy or seriously out of touch?

Then you go overseas and insult our staunchest ally, oh Mitt with all your political grandstanding you are quite a guy. With all your money, Nascar-owning friends, and elevators to carry Ann’s Cadillacs, guess you are accustomed to talking smack. And just when the poor with their ‘safety nets’ were about to get lonely, you threw in the forty-seven percenters, oh my God, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney I don’t know what it’s like to be rich to tell the truth, but I do know it’s wrong to drive for twelve hours with my dog on the roof.  Animal lover that I am such cruelty makes my blood run cold, for what does it matter to gain the world and lose one’s soul.

Oh maybe I’m being superstitious but after Googling ‘completely wrong’ and getting your multiple image, the thought of you being president makes me quite squirmish.

Say Enough Already! Put an End to Pedophilia

To know peace is to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Pedophilia is a monstrous scourge upon this great nation and must be eradicated like the virulent disease it is for the sake of our children.  Suspected sexual abuse be it in a scout troop, charitable organization, group home, institution of higher learning, church or inside your own home must not be allowed free reign. If you are a child being abused, no matter how afraid, please tell someone.


If you are an adult and suspect a pedophile is lurking in your midst, just as the jurors in the Jerry Sandusky trial, “broke years of silence about Sandusky’s systematic targeting, grooming and abuse of children,” you must not turn a blind eye. To do so leave yet another child quaking in fear knowing it is only a matter of time before the monster strikes again.

Thank God the Sandusky jurors saw beneath the veneer of a once beloved football coach to the predatory sociopath – Jerry Sandusky, the monster. Thank God that even though years had passed and with no so-called physical evidence the jurors believed the victims and not Sandusky’s paid flunkies. All the while ‘The Great Pretender’ sat quietly, these young men again being victimized betrayed as liars seeking a pay day. That they won’t be believed is what keeps many children from reporting these monsters in the first place.

Hopefully the convictions of Sandusky and Msgr. William J. Lynn, the first high-level Roman Catholic official to be found guilty in the priest sexual abuse scandal, sent a clear message that pedophiles and their enablers, no matter how high up, will no longer be tolerated. In Sandusky’s case, the Penn State system and perhaps even Dottie Sandusky, let this monster feed off of poor young boys as though it was his God given right to do so. Just as the monsignor will do time other enablers or just flat out protectors of pedophiles should suffer dire consequences for their inaction.


No child in this country, as a matter of fact, no child in this world should quake in dark fear knowing some monster is coming for them. No child should be subjected to the horrors of a monster that so many seek to protect either because it or the organization it represents is deemed too big to be brought down.

Children are not on this earth to serve as sexual appetizers for deviants to gorge themselves. Shamefully that is how so many children are treated as those who could and should be their defenders look the other way. Especially if the monster happens to be a pretty blond teacher, trusted priest or preacher, dedicated scout leader, head of household, revered athletic coach, etc. If you proclaim to love children but when it’s time to protect a child decides time heals all wounds and its only sex, then you too are a monster.

This unspoken entitlement to a child’s flesh has been with us since before the age of darkness. Since we are supposed to be the enlightened ones it is up to us to say by our actions enough already. Please say it with me – ENOUGH ALREADY!

Prometheus Is No Alien – Not Even Close

I’ve decided to blame the Avengers movie and film critic Roger Ebert for wasting time I could’ve spent cleaning grout with a toothbrush. That’s how bad Prometheus was. If I hadn’t seen highlights of it during Avengers and read Roger Ebert’s review, I probably wouldn’t have given it much thought. But I got a little nostalgic thinking about when I first saw Ridley Scott’s Alien. Aside from nearly scaring me to death, it made my list of really great movies. Prometheus didn’t even come close.

To its credit the cinematography was quite breathtaking. Even the android, David, gave me pause. If just a modicum of characterization instilled in the soulless android had gone into the other characters, I might have cared about them a little too.

Anyway, in the beginning this at least 8-foot tall, male-looking being known as an ‘Engineer’, ingests a black goo. As its body begins this real cool disintegration, it falls into the water, strands of its DNA permeates the earth, and thus creates human life. Forget about God created the heaven and the earth and Darwinism and the Big Bang Theory. The so-called ‘Engineers’ made us. Why did they make us only to turn around and want to destroy us? And the really big question: Who made the ‘Engineers’?

Dr. Shaw, a brilliant scientist, who also happens to be quite religious and her partner, get the backing of a very very rich donor to find the answers to those very questions. So enters the Prometheus and its ragtag crew. Yes, I said ragtag ripped straight out of Alien even though one would assume such a rich man, seeking eternal life, or whatever it was he was seeking, could have afforded a much better crew then that sorry lot.

Unlike Alien this movie had a lazy quality about the writing. There was no tension buildup. The dialogue was like something you would hear in a dumb horror flick. Not only that, the characters did things you wouldn’t expect from true professionals. So much was left unanswered. Scenes just started and ended abruptly. People got lost in spite of having mapping and communication systems. An ‘Engineer’ is asleep right in the middle of a project.

The absolute weirdest scene was a C-section done robotically on Dr. Shaw. An alien was ripped out of the woman and her middle stapled back together. Instead of bleeding out she injects herself with a pain blocker, takes what appears to be pain pills, and keeps it moving. Bloodied and in pain she ends up smack dab in a room with David the android and the supposed dead billionaire getting ready to pay a visit to the alien ship. No one seems the least bit surprised to see her all bloodied. After some back and forth between her and the old guy, she suits up to go with them. She is now SUPER DR. SHAW.

Then they are there. The ‘Engineer’ is awakened. All hell breaks loose. The ‘Engineer’ boards a space craft and takes off. Somehow super Dr. knows its evil intent. She conveys this to the ship’s captain and the seemingly cold and hard Meredith dissolves into a coward and beats it the hell out of there.

Captain Janek, deep in alien territory with no worthwhile weapons if you can believe that, decides to ram the alien spacecraft with his to keep it from leaving. The two remaining crew members, god only knows what happened to all the others, decides to accompany their captain on a kamikaze mission. After some bantering the captain rams the ship into the other and brings it down.

More stuff happens but let’s just say the last super woman standing is Dr. Shaw. And what does she do? Instead of heading home she zooms off to get answers from the very beings she says wants to kill us. I can picture it now. “Hel-looo! I come in peace.” She fingers the cross around her neck. “I promise I won’t take up much of your time. But could you give me the name of your creator?”

Usually I watch a movie for the entertainment value. But some are so ridiculous it is hard to let go. Prometheus is one such movie. With so many plot holes and unanswered questions it has become a homework assignment.

FYI: I smell a sequel. What about you?