Is Mitt Romney Completely Wrong For The Country?

Wish I’d told the universe I wanted to be a poet

The great and powerful cyberverse has spoken and the consensus is Mitt Romney’s completely wrong for this great nation of ours. Ever hear the saying, “if you look up the word _____enter a word, in this case lets enter ‘liar’, in the dictionary you will see so and so’s picture? Since physical dictionaries are practically extinct now days, we have to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and stuff like that the word(s) to get the picture.

Remember when cyberverse was abuzz over Mitt Romney’s diatribe about 47 percent of the nation being slackers, pay no federal income tax, etc., etc.? How, apparently drunk with bravado among all those rich donors, he went on to state his role “is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Remember that?

Well like many of Romney’s positions of late, his position about those remarks has undergone a metamorphosis. After his debate with President Obama, exuding confidence and perhaps feeling he could afford to be a bit magnanimous, Romney walked back the disparaging comments. Instead of his words being inelegantly stated, Romney now confesses they were ‘just completely wrong’.

It’s been said what you send into the universe is what you get back. In this case cyberverse is the harbinger of bad news. On a friend’s advice, I Googled the words ‘completely wrong’, then clicked on images. Lo and behold, what did I see, image after image of Mitt Romney. I wondered if this could all be true and found more of the same at Planet Yahoo.

Whether Mitt Romney, should he become president, is truly wrong for the Country remains to be seen. But God Almighty he’s said such ‘out of touch’ things. “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance,” he is quoted as saying after vowing to eviscerate Obamacare.  Well thousands of Americans, were they alive to speak for themselves, might beg to differ. Not to mention the millions of uninsured who can’t afford to go to a doctor so put off checkups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Face value Mitt seems a likeable guy but when he opens his mouth sh**t really fly:

Corporations are people too; Planned Parenthood and PBS to balance the budget be gone with you. For a man who thinks nothing of making a $10,000 bet to nickel and dime us defunding programs that hardly make a dent. These programs for many mean so much. Are you really a mean guy or seriously out of touch?

Then you go overseas and insult our staunchest ally, oh Mitt with all your political grandstanding you are quite a guy. With all your money, Nascar-owning friends, and elevators to carry Ann’s Cadillacs, guess you are accustomed to talking smack. And just when the poor with their ‘safety nets’ were about to get lonely, you threw in the forty-seven percenters, oh my God, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney I don’t know what it’s like to be rich to tell the truth, but I do know it’s wrong to drive for twelve hours with my dog on the roof.  Animal lover that I am such cruelty makes my blood run cold, for what does it matter to gain the world and lose one’s soul.

Oh maybe I’m being superstitious but after Googling ‘completely wrong’ and getting your multiple image, the thought of you being president makes me quite squirmish.


I Am Married to An Old Black Log

Anna Douglass

Bantering with a friend the other day about  Michelle Obama’s appearance at the DNC something crazy just popped out of my mouth. We were discussing how everyone and his/her mama were buzzing about how beautiful the first lady looked. There was even talk about the nail polish she wore. And that speech left nary a dry eye in the house. Especially when Mom-in-chief revealed she loves her hubby now more than ever. Michelle’s approval rating is soaring. These days she’s even considered Obama’s ‘secret’ weapon. Oh what a difference four years make.

Then: “Oh pleeze,” I jokingly chided. “Soon as Malia and Sasha graduate high school just like Frederick Douglass, Obama will be saying, ‘I am married to an old black log.’” For some reason the asinine quote supposedly from a letter Douglass wrote his daughter spilled out of me. Ol’ Frederick didn’t think an uneducated dark-skinned young man was good enough for his baby girl. The novel begins with the old black log line that Jewell Parker Rhodes said inspired her to write Douglass’ Women, one of my all-time favorite books.

I read the novel years ago and it put Douglass on the map for me. Prior to it he was simply the black abolitionist instrumental in freeing the slaves. Shoot I didn’t even know he was mixed race. All I ever saw were pictures of a suited up brother with a huge afro. But not only was Frederick Douglass the greatest African American orator of his time, he was also an author, businessman, and statesman, who also championed women’s rights or suffrage as it was called in those days.

So I guess President Obama and FD are intertwined in my head since they share a commonality in oratorical skills, writing ability, and alignment with women’s rights. There are the differences too: FD’s sperm donor was white, possibly the plantation owner. His mother was a black slave and was sent off to a different plantation so FD saw very little of her. His mother died when he was around seven or so. So basically FD was raised by his black grandmother.

Some things are best left unsaid.

Obama’s parentage was just the opposite. Not much similarity in wives either, except skin color. FD’s wife Anna was dark-skinned, short, stout and illiterate. In the novel and the little history I managed to dig up about Anna, she never learned to read or write. Anna contented herself with running the house and caring for the children, often alone, as FD was rarely around.

Unlike the highly educated ‘Mom-in-chief’, Anna would’ve never been invited to stand before a crowd and give a speech to bolster her husband’s political aspirations. You see FD was considered handsome, intelligent and important. Anna was born free but since she wasn’t literate and didn’t look a certain way wasn’t considered a ‘fitting wife’ for the great FD.

As the story goes, after trying a couple of times to escape from slavery, it was only with Anna’s money and a sailor’s suit she’d made him that FD was finally successful. He supposedly repaid Anna by marrying her. Maybe he didn’t love her but that didn’t stop him from visiting her body. Out of his women it was Anna only who produced his heirs. But when he was all over the world being all debonair and important, FD kept other women by his side. Women that looked nothing like Anna.

Unlike Mitt Romney’s Vice-presidential pick Paul Ryan, I don’t think Obama dated black girls before he met Michelle. “Barry one of those slick Chicago politicians,” I quipped to my friend. “He knew having a chocolate educated sister by his side would open some political doors. Not to mention Michelle’s from the Southside. Go Barry.”

Back to Michelle’s appearance. Several news folks stated she was a lot more polished than four years ago. Unlike other first ladies Michelle’s been called fat, not a great beauty, even Chewbacca. I used to pray she didn’t go out on the Internet and read all the mean-spirited stuff being said about her. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Michelle is like superwoman these days.

“Well, Bill Clinton said the president had the good sense to marry Michelle,” I joked. “And Jimmy Fallon mentioned a Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama ticket come 2016. Guess that means Michelle isn’t going to be Obama’s or anybody’s old black log.”

FYI: I am definitely looking forward to 2016 and can hardly wait for Barack to saunter up on stage like a preened rooster and crow Michelle’s praise for the world to hear.

You complete me.

Mass Shootings vs Second Amendment Overhaul

Do we really want to return to this? Or opt for a Second Amendment Overhaul?


Different scene, different player, but the carnage and grief left behind are pretty much the same. The recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado, has revived ad nauseam the whole ‘why did he do such a thing’ and trying to figure out the mindset of a mass murderer.  The media is like some blabbermouth talking nonstop about this cold-blooded killer, repeating the same things over and over. If nothing else, past lessons have taught us that the so-called Batman Massacre, starring one James Holmes, will soon have its final curtain call and end up in the trash can of our memory like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and other bygone mass shootings.

In the meantime nothing changes. In fact, a recent article in ‘The Denver Post’ indicated background checks — the first step toward the purchase of a gun in Colorado — jumped 43% in the aftermath of the shooting rampage that killed 12 people in Aurora’s Century 16 theater during the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises.

The article mentions the similarity to Arizona following the January 2011 mass shooting in Tucson that left six people dead and 12 injured, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. According to FBI data, handgun sales in Arizona on the Monday after the weekend shooting jumped 60% over the same day the previous year. Nothing changed. There was nothing learned from Virginia Tech, at least nothing to keep folks from dashing out to exercise their second amendment right.

Those who fail to learn from the past, according to an old saying, are doomed to repeat it. This is like talking to the hand for those convinced owning and carrying a firearm will make them safer. Way too many commenters, in spite of all the smoke and chaos, the late hour, the possibility of getting shot or ending up living with accidentally shooting someone, insist if others in the hell hole that was Theater 9 had met deadly force with deadly force, the shooter would have been quickly and efficiently taken out. End of story.


This brings me to the Second Amendment, ratified over two centuries ago. Back when there were no automatic weapons and loading and unloading a firearm took a minute. Today, as in the case of James Holmes, a single individual can exterminate a room filled with human beings easily as spraying flies. Also as evidenced by firearm deaths in our inner cities, the stuff that don’t get much traction in mainstream media, more guns have not made us any safer. Get real folks. The Second Amendment is due a much needed overhaul.

In the end time wasted asking why killers like James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Seung-Hui Cho, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, etc., committed such heinous acts, will be just that. Time wasted. Though it’s highly doubtful any politician of merit is going to commit political suicide taking on the serious business of overhauling the Second Amendment. Besides evildoers intent upon killing on a mass scale will find a way. Hopefully OK Corral style shootouts won’t be our only option.

The very thought of an all out gun battle conjures images of Moses, oops, I mean Charleston Hester uttering, “From my cold, dead hands!” Taking on the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) and those who view the right to bear arms as an extension of our freedom is just too scary a prospect. So James Holmes, the Batman Massacre or whatever will fade into the night of our consciousness until the curtain rises again along with the same, tired old questions and no real attempt to overhaul our over 200-year-old Second Amendment.

Please Feed the Trolls Part II

I’m a troll and I’m starved for attention. Feed me.

Serena Wins Her Fifth Wimbledon Title

Damn I love trolls! On the Internet reading about Serena Williams’ fantastic win at Wimbledon and watching the match on ABC. All I can say is Serena is definitely our American champion tennis player and we should all be proud. At 30 she’s still got it and not even the trolls can take that away.

Out on Huffington Post a troll called ‘Baldisbeautiful’ obviously has a personal vendetta against Serena. Any article about her and the ugliness crawls out of its hole to spew venomous rhetoric about this undeniably great female tennis player. In response to a comment about Serena’s health, said troll opined, “Boo, hoo! Oh, please, the women has access to the best doctors in the world with all of her money. I barely feel bad for her, or her money hungry family.” The avatar is a picture of a baldheaded dude. This troll seems obsessed with Serena, Venus, perhaps even the entire Williams family. In the meantime Serena is running down balls like someone half her age.

Trolls Just Keep On Trolling 

Elsewhere… Trolls are oh so indignant, raging about Serena being on ‘roids’ and saying how she ‘lookalikeaman’ and all else, attempting to get a rise. My ears are ringing. They are banging the keyboard like clanging pots and drooling all over themselves for attention. But…but…Serena threatened to shove a ball down a judge throat one troll sought to remind. Oh God that was so yesterday. Unless you are a robot who hasn’t shown anger or said something we didn’t mean? New Jersey Governor Christie revered by some for his famous temper just went off on a so-called heckler. Last I checked Serena isn’t a governor or a member of congress.

Just For Kicks Trolls Versus An American Champion

Never mind the trolls. Serena just hit the ground after so fabulously winning the match. She lost the second but came roaring back. Once off the ground she graciously shakes her opponent’s hand. The woman is so excited she’s having a hard time navigating the stands getting to her family. Climbing over a thingy she hugs first her daddy and pretty much everyone within arms-length. Serena, indeed the entire family, is so deliriously happy you would think it was her first win not her fifth Wimbledon title.

The loser, Agnieszka Radwanska, exudes graciousness. Listening to her and now Serena just brings tears to my eyes. No matter where they are from these are women we should all be proud of. The crowd at Wimbledon certainly seems to be embracing Serena to no end. Not that looks matter all that much but Serena looks to be in tip top shape. Now on to doubles, Venus and Serena. What’s next? The Olympics? Basketball’s my game but watching the Williams sisters play tennis is poetry in motion. They aren’t just champions. They are America’s champions.

The trolls of course beg to differ. Let’s hear it for the trolls. You never fail to disappoint with the insults. Your words were read loud and clear. No matter how ridiculous you entertain me. If not I wouldn’t have taken time to write ‘Please Feed the Trolls Part II’. Will there be a ‘Please Feed the Trolls Part III’? All I can say is stay tuned, lol.

Uncle Drew – Funny

What a way to cap off a l-o-n–g hot Fourth of July. Sitting in front of the laptop  I swore not to open today right before midnight. Finding this little gem forwarded by a friend makes a broken promise to myself seem okay.  Missed it during the NBA finals.  Well worth the wait. Still wiping tears from my eyes.

The below message came with the email. The video was presented by Pepsi Max.

When you get a few minutes watch this video its very funny:
Kyrie Irving (rookie of the year from Cleveland that played at Duke
2010) is one of my new favorite players.
They dress him up in movie make up and make him look like an 80
year old man and he goes to the street basketball courts in NJ and
gets in a pick up basketball game with all these young guys. at the
beginning playing terrible and then starts playing for real and its

TIP O’ THE DAY: Kids not eating veggies. Here’s a good way to sneak some in:

1 kiwi(peeled), 5-10 strawberries(depending on size), couple chunks of cantaloupe,1 pitted peach, 1 small banana, toss in fresh spinach, kale, romaine

Toss all into blender. Child will be none the wiser.

Note: Feel free to use your fruit and vegetable of choice. I recommend freezing the fruit. It makes a better smoothie and you won’t need to use ice.

Who Are You Online?

Gimme that poison. Now as I was saying…

At a recent seminar, we attendees or is it us attendees were asked, “Who are you online?” Pssst…to look half-way worthy of your time I suppose one should know the correct usage for we and us in the context of above sentence. But honestly I would have to Google to find out. I will take a chance on not appearing too scholarly today and hopefully the grammar police won’t arrest me. All of which gets me to thinking about Socrates and why I consider him such a bad ass.

Socrates. Say what you will but the quintessential bad boy of his time had balls. Given the options exile or death, the well-known if not the most well-known Greek philosopher, chose death. If he couldn’t sit around the square ‘corrupting’ the minds of the young men of the time, which is how Athens powers-that-be viewed his so-called philosophizing, then to hell with it. A Jacques-Louis David painting of Socrates still running his mouth while accepting a goblet of hemlock; surrounded by his entourage says it best. Socrates just didn’t give a damn.

In this country where graduation from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the like makes you an automatic scholar, Socrates, born way back when in Athens Greece, would have none of it. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates was supposedly deemed the wisest man in Athens by none other than the Oracle at Delphi, instead of embracing this accolade from on high Socrates chose instead to become a “gadfly”.

Insisting he had no wisdom Socrates set out to prove it by questioning the purported great minds of the day. Afterward he avowed that like him they knew nothing or very little. The paradox was him admitting or recognizing his own ignorance whereas the others didn’t thereby proving the Oracle right. Of course this didn’t garner any favors among the elite and his smart-alecky be-hind had to go.

Another thing about Socrates is he never wrote a doggone thing. Maybe he didn’t care how history would later view him. Or maybe it was a clever ploy by this major contributor to the field of ethics to encourage critical thinking even at the expense of his legacy. Who in the heck really knows since most accounts of him come from the writings of his students, Xenophon and Plato, and playwright, Aristophanes. With Plato and Aristophanes being literary writers who knows what literary license they may have taken to elevate their beloved Socrates.

Lets just say everyone knows of Socrates but no one really knows Socrates. He’s such an enigmatic figure there’s even something called the Socratic Problem. If Socrates lived during this age of social media where your profile tells the world who you are would he be SOL if he didn’t Facebook, Twitter, Blog, You Tube, Pinterest, and all else? Furthermore would he even care? That he wrote nothing, and apparently never strayed too far from his homeland suggests he didn’t seek celebrity. Now here he is centuries later a heavy weight among philosophers.

So after network strategist, Teddy Burriss, asked us attendees, ‘who are you online’ and said in so many words if you Google yourself and come back empty-handed you have a problem. And if you Google yourself and the results are less than favorable in your own opinion you still have a problem. Who are you online?

Go ahead and Google yourself and see what you get.