When Is Making A Buck Tantamount To Scamming?

Too often these days I find myself asking, “What is wrong with people?” God knows I’m far from perfect and I’ve made mistakes in my life, but it is not in me to deliberately mislead. Some folks don’t care who you are or what your economic situation is, they will part you from your money faster than you can blink. I don’t begrudge anyone’s right to make a buck but when is making a buck tantamount to scamming?

Now I love me some reality tv judge shows. They claim the cases are real. My understanding is that in quid pro quo fashion for appearing on the show, the litigants’ cases are paid for. I believe The Judge Judy show is one example of this. In any case, no pun intended, I watched a litigation that made me ask, “What’s wrong with people?”

In this particular court case the litigants’ dispute was over the death of a dog. The plaintiff hired the defendant to sit her dogs while she went on vacation. The defendant came highly recommended by a pet shop. He also touted himself as some dog expert who actually offered grief counseling to those who’d lost a pet. Oh the irony.

Trusting she’d left her precious pets in capable hands, the woman checked on them once after reaching her destination. The sitter/expert assured her all was well, not to worry and have a good time.

When she returned from vacation, she called the defendant to let him know she was coming to pick up the dogs. With no hint of a problem, he told her it was fine to do so. When she arrived the defendant handed over one dog. She asked where the other was and that’s when the heartless bastard told her the dog was dead. The story was so unbelievable the plaintiffs thought maybe he’d sold the animal.

The truth was this so-called expert went out and allowed the dogs to roam free inside his home. Upon his return one escaped and was hit by a car. What did this genius do? He doubled bagged the  corpse and tossed it in the trash. According to him he was a poor man and couldn’t afford to have the dog cremated. I’ve watched litigations on many judge shows but this one struck a nerve.

For the plaintiffs, a mother and daughter duo, rehashing the incident was like ripping the scab off of a wound. They dissolved into simultaneous tears when the defendant matter-of-factly told how he’d double-bagged this very expensive beloved pet and deposited her in the garbage like trash. How big of him to double-bag it at least.

Even The Peoples’ Court, Judge Milian, was incensed. She threw all his so-called ‘hoity toity’ credentials in his face. To which he responded he no longer did the counseling bit. Really? What about never dog-sitting again in life.

In a perfect world, nobody in his or her right mind would let this feign, obviously in it for the buck, come within a foot of their animal. But, the world is brimming with blemished people and in all likelihood he’s probably still dog sitting. For the unaware, he’s holding himself out as this great lover of dogs when evidenced by this case he’s anything but.

In this internet age, unfortunately or fortunately for those out to make a buck, any Tom Dick Harry and Susan can hang out his/her shingle and lay claim to an expertise he/she simply doesn’t have. You can be anything and everything behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Like the defendant, some people could care less about deceiving others if at the end of the day, a buck is earned.

Sorry folks, had to dump the boiler on this one.