No Timeout For Gun Deaths

There will be no timeout. We must be about the business of killing one another with guns. It can be rather messy but somebody’s gotta do it.

A week after Adam Lanza killed himself and twenty-seven others, including his mother, shooting deaths in these United States of America never took a timeout. While we paused, heart shattered to mourn the loss of six brave educators and twenty innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary, shooting deaths never took a timeout. As we tried to piece together the puzzle that is Adam Lanza in a desperate attempt to understand what drove him to such a horrible act, shooting deaths never took a timeout. Each of the times President Obama addressed the nation, assuring us something would be done, shooting deaths never took a timeout. When my hands masked my face to staunch the flow of tears mingled with the images of bullets riddling little bodies with bloody holes, shooting deaths never took a timeout.

Even as I write these few words a gun is probably being used to snuff out life easy as pinching out a candle. As yet another year ends and the nation counts down to a new one, shooting deaths will abound. There is no timeout when it comes to killing one another with guns. The article below tells a tragic tale of lives lost due to someone picking up a gun and pulling the trigger.

Will The Mass Killing of Children Finally End The Silence?

Welcome to another day another mass shooting here in America. Not to sound like a broken record, but for lack of other words, my heart too is broken. That someone would storm Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct, of all places and pump bullets into the bodies of 26 human beings is beyond belief. That 20 were innocent children, six and seven year old babies, makes it that much more heartbreaking.

Barely has one cycle of mass killing ended when another starts. President Obama is again extending condolences to families who’ve lost loved ones in this continuing saga of mass murder. While we shake our heads and grouse about senseless violence in other parts of the world, I wonder when we Americans will admit our own tiny speck of the universe is also broken. Or will we remain the busy body neighbor, spreading everybody else’s business around while her own family is falling apart.

Aurora survivor, Stephen Barton, shot in the neck and face aired his disappointment over President Obama’s continued silence on the issue of gun control. Both he and NY City’s Mayor Bloomberg had hoped presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Obama would make gun control a key talking point during the election. It never happened. Barton now wonders if this latest shooting, the malicious mowing down of children too young to even know what was happening, will finally give voice to a topic men with too much at stake dare speak of too loudly or at all.

America is broken and it’s time to admit it much like the alcoholic who must first acknowledge he’s an alcoholic before the healing begins. Before gun owners get indignant, first realize no one is trying to take away your 2nd Amendment right. Although it’s highly doubtful the Founding Fathers had weapons such as those used to commit mass killings in mind when they wrote the Bill of Rights. Or, suspect so many of us would fall head over heel in love with these high-powered instruments of death. We cling to them as though they were lovers and are quick to anger if someone hints at taking even one away.

Know this, when our own weapons are used to murder us, it’s time for a healing. When weapons we own kill or hurt those we profess to love, it’s time for a healing. When guns are often easier to get than birth control, it’s time for a healing. In order to begin healing, we must first talk about the elephant in the room. Too many guns are ending up in the hands of citizens who are hell bent on killing as many fellow citizens as possible.

Since we are such a reactionary people, we must strike while the deaths of 20 innocent children fuel us. Yes, today the President’s heart is broken and he’s vowing to do some things. Today, we must merge our voices with his and say enough already. The conversation must continue tomorrow and tomorrow until the politicians get that we are seriously tired of being broken. That we’re tired of mending other people’s fences while our own remains rotted and broken long overdue a repair.

There you have it, another day another mass killing. This time hopefully the sound of silence will be shattered. I pray this time our discontent and drive to safeguard ourselves against more senseless gun violence silence the crickets.

Twenty babies being mowed down in one day in one place has got to be the catalyst to bring about a change in this country’s broken gun laws. To again do nothing mean there will be more and more of these senseless killing sprees. Just imagine an America where one day 100 or more of our citizens are shot down in one place, by a single gunman or several and we lift our collective heads say, “how sad,” then return to doing whatever it was we were doing. Welcome to our new normal if we continue to speak not.

HuffPost, My Writing Muse (Booty Call)

Chances are if you are a writer you’ve suffered writer’s block. Hours sitting at the computer praying, begging the universe bequeath on to you the muse of Hemingway or some other departed master of prose. Whether you’re writing a feature article, a short story, or novel, try as you may, sometime the words just won’t come. Well, back in August I found my muse in the guise of The Huffington Post. After writing one heartfelt post, I quickly warmed to this commenting thing. Now I write with regularity for a very selfish reason. When I feel myself getting writers’ block, I jet on over to Huffpost, read until I encounter something I want to comment on and have at it.

Once I’ve suckled on the teats of HP till I’m fat and happy and can suckle no more,(thanks Gladiator), I return to the serious writing. The writing that hopefully gets me to Athens, Greece, the place my greatest inspiration, Socrates, lived and died. Psst…please don’t tell HP. If  they were aware they’re the equivalent of a booty call, I just might get tossed off the site. Seriously, nothing gets my writer’s juices flowing more than commenting on a topic of  interest. On top of that, Huffpost is an ego booster. If someone likes your comment, you’re faved or fanned and sometime both.

(A screen shot please don’t click below image)


Recent badge received. Go on Mary_Catter!

Yes, in this one area of my life, I seek and welcome validation. Arianna Huffington obviously had her finger on the pulse of the human psyche when she came up with the idea to marry news, content aggregation and blogging on one website. Also, a stroke of pure genius was the addition of site moderators, I call them hawk eyes, to keep commentators from straying too far off the reservation. In other words trolls are kept to a limit. Sometime there’s a lively back and forth but nothing totally outrageous like some other news sites I’ve tried.

Speaking of validation the Huffpost also hands out different levels of badges. If you’re considered to be really socially connected with a certain number of fans and friends and all that good stuff, you earn a badge if you opt to partake. If you’re up on your politicking and super sleuthing and can write to boot, there just might be a badge in it for you. Seriously, if you are a writer and find yourself in the doldrums, try commenting. It doesn’t have to be Huffpost. Any old website you happen upon with an article that illicits your two cents worth will do just fine.

I just happen to love HP because I’m impatient and it’s one stop shopping for my need to read and comment. Not to mention all my comments and interaction with others are right there.  You can’t get a better muse than knowing someone likes your little bits and pieces of commentary enough to fave or fan them, sometime both. So you  return to your manuscript, your writer’s engine revved up, knowing not if but when you falter, your writing muse is but a click away.

When Is Making A Buck Tantamount To Scamming?

Too often these days I find myself asking, “What is wrong with people?” God knows I’m far from perfect and I’ve made mistakes in my life, but it is not in me to deliberately mislead. Some folks don’t care who you are or what your economic situation is, they will part you from your money faster than you can blink. I don’t begrudge anyone’s right to make a buck but when is making a buck tantamount to scamming?

Now I love me some reality tv judge shows. They claim the cases are real. My understanding is that in quid pro quo fashion for appearing on the show, the litigants’ cases are paid for. I believe The Judge Judy show is one example of this. In any case, no pun intended, I watched a litigation that made me ask, “What’s wrong with people?”

In this particular court case the litigants’ dispute was over the death of a dog. The plaintiff hired the defendant to sit her dogs while she went on vacation. The defendant came highly recommended by a pet shop. He also touted himself as some dog expert who actually offered grief counseling to those who’d lost a pet. Oh the irony.

Trusting she’d left her precious pets in capable hands, the woman checked on them once after reaching her destination. The sitter/expert assured her all was well, not to worry and have a good time.

When she returned from vacation, she called the defendant to let him know she was coming to pick up the dogs. With no hint of a problem, he told her it was fine to do so. When she arrived the defendant handed over one dog. She asked where the other was and that’s when the heartless bastard told her the dog was dead. The story was so unbelievable the plaintiffs thought maybe he’d sold the animal.

The truth was this so-called expert went out and allowed the dogs to roam free inside his home. Upon his return one escaped and was hit by a car. What did this genius do? He doubled bagged the  corpse and tossed it in the trash. According to him he was a poor man and couldn’t afford to have the dog cremated. I’ve watched litigations on many judge shows but this one struck a nerve.

For the plaintiffs, a mother and daughter duo, rehashing the incident was like ripping the scab off of a wound. They dissolved into simultaneous tears when the defendant matter-of-factly told how he’d double-bagged this very expensive beloved pet and deposited her in the garbage like trash. How big of him to double-bag it at least.

Even The Peoples’ Court, Judge Milian, was incensed. She threw all his so-called ‘hoity toity’ credentials in his face. To which he responded he no longer did the counseling bit. Really? What about never dog-sitting again in life.

In a perfect world, nobody in his or her right mind would let this feign, obviously in it for the buck, come within a foot of their animal. But, the world is brimming with blemished people and in all likelihood he’s probably still dog sitting. For the unaware, he’s holding himself out as this great lover of dogs when evidenced by this case he’s anything but.

In this internet age, unfortunately or fortunately for those out to make a buck, any Tom Dick Harry and Susan can hang out his/her shingle and lay claim to an expertise he/she simply doesn’t have. You can be anything and everything behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Like the defendant, some people could care less about deceiving others if at the end of the day, a buck is earned.

Sorry folks, had to dump the boiler on this one.

No Country for Young Black Men


Another one gone too soon.

I’m not ashamed to say I live on The Huffington Post. It is there I satisfy my addiction for nearly everything newsy. So when I first ran across yet another story about the shooting of an African American teenager, who for all intent and purpose was minding his own business, it hurt to the core. Once I was over the hurt the anger rolled in like a thick swirling fog, obscuring my thoughts to the point I couldn’t form a coherent sentence in order to comment.

So incensed was I it took nearly an hour to respond to the first article. The article was accompanied by a video with the perpetrator’s daughter and lawyer’s take on the situation. My response was as follow: “Now that bullying has been brought to the forefront of our national consciousness, the deliberate killing of African American boys by grown men who then turn around and invoke this insane ‘stand your ground’ law must gain equal if not more traction in the media. Two young men killed while doing nothing more than minding their own business is two too many. This growing trend must be nipped in the bud before more black teens are gunned down for simply existing by ‘nice’ white men. A foundation is a good start but more must be done before young AA boys end up on the endangered species list.”

Another commenter, describing himself as a young black male, opined there was no greater country in the world in which a black man could enrich himself. He went on to say he’d been discriminated against many times. Black folk, he suggested, should suck it up and not use the incidence as another stumbling block toward personal success. He was responding to another article, this one by Melissa Harris-Perry in which she suggested this country is no place for young black men.

Melissa cited Emmett Till’s death back in the 1950s to make the point that over the passage of American history nothing much has changed: “No presumption of innocence for young black men, no benefit of the doubt. Guilt not determined by what they did or said but presumed to be inherent in their very being. They need not wield a weapon to pose a threat because if you are a young black man, you are threat enough.”

Someone commented the boys should’ve just turned their music down instead of ‘lipping off’. Then went on to say boys like that tend to ‘lip off’ especially when a bunch of them are together. Now these boys were at a gas station minding their own business when the perpetrator drove up and insisted they turn their music down. Allegedly words were exchanged and then the shooting started.

Jordan Russell Davis, who was sitting in the back seat, was shot and killed. Even if the kids had “lipped off” should they’ve been shot dead for it? If that’s the case, many teenagers of all races and economic backgrounds are as good as dead. I mean just think about it for a moment. Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin could’ve been your son, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc. One hanging out listening to music, the other headed home with an iced-t drink and skittles, both minding his own business.

I called on Socrates, who drank his own death and never wrote a damn thing down, when I commented on Melissa’s story: “I remember a time when unruly skateboarders downtown and around businesses used to be a real problem. However, instead of opening fire on these mostly white youth, some cities opened parks specifically for skaters. I believe skateboarding is now considered an Olympic sport. Replace the white youth with black and God only knows how many would’ve ended up in jail or worst. Just one example of youthful indiscretion and tolerance applied to one race while yet another is subjected to intolerance and labeled thugs. By the way loud music isn’t restricted to young black boys. It’s doubtful the tolerance will be there when fools with guns start killing suburban white children. IMHO Melissa is spot on in her assessment.”

The lives of these teenagers unnecessarily cut short, leaving behind grief-stricken parents who never saw it coming. Parents asking why and praying that there is justice for their sons. All the while these two cowards with a gun are attempting to hide behind Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. A law already proven to make no sense and would offer cover to the likes of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn if it is to be allowed if and when the cases are prosecuted.

As I pondered the fate of young black men in this country and wrung my hands in frustration over their seeming plight, the letter below appeared in my inbox:

Dear Mary,

It happened again.  Last week, an unarmed African-American teenager was shot and killed in Florida by a person claiming self-defense because he “felt threatened.”

Seventeen-year-old Jordan Russell Davis and three of his friends were listening to music in their car parked outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida.  Michael Dunn pulled up next to them and asked the group of teens to turn down the music.

We don’t know exactly what happened next.  A confrontation ensued, and 45-year-old Dunn allegedly took out a gun and shot eight or nine times into the teenagers’ car.  Dunn’s attorney has claimed that the teenagers had a shotgun in the car, but Jacksonville police said no weapon was found in the car.

What we do know is that Jordan was shot and killed.

And we know that Dunn, who was arrested and charged with murder, has pled not guilty on the grounds that he acted in justifiable self-defense as defined by Florida’s controversial “Shoot First” law.

Everyday arguments should not turn into armed conflicts in which teenagers are killed — and for which killers can go unpunished.  Tell the Florida Legislature that the Shoot First law must be repealed or substantially reformed.

As Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said, Jordan’s friends admitted their music was loud, “but, I mean that’s not a reason for someone to open fire on them.”

Jordan was killed less than two weeks after the Florida Governor’s Task Force reviewing the state’s Shoot First law issued its report to the legislature.  The Task Force ignored the dangerous effects of the law and recommended only minor changes to the statute.

If we let the Task Force’s recommendations stand as the final word, we’ll only see more senseless violence and more innocent teenagers shot to death.

Tell Florida legislators to make real reforms to the Shoot First law that will prevent needless deaths.

Let’s act now and make sure no one can use this dangerous law to escape responsibility for gunning people down.


Ginny Simmons

Director, Second Chance Campaign