U.S. Bank to Take Family’s Farm No Matter What

U.S. Bank versus Gearing Family


This is just one example of the thanks many ordinary Americans have gotten from the banks after banding together to bail out the wall street shysters. Remember back in ’08 when our great leaders told us allowing certain banks to go belly up would plunge us into a depression the likes of which we’d never known. Who could forget? After all, the message was just that dire. Fearing a great financial plague befalling our great nation, even though it made us throw up just a little in our mouth, we kept those Whores of Babylon from tumbling into the dark abyss.

Well, lo and behold, it was but a short walk to the gallows. In other words, it didn’t take long for financially stricken ‘regular folk’ to learn the favor would not be reciprocated. In fact while the rich one percent grew and continue to grow in largess from the American public’s generosity, people like the Gearing hit a brick wall of indifference when it comes to their own personal bailout. According to Jeannette Gearing, the family’s matriarch, the family’s home is in foreclosure. Even though the Gearing’s now have the money to buy their farm outright, come November the bank still plan to evict them. Apparently, the banks have regulations and rules when they apply to others. Not so much for themselves. Nor do they want them. In the end ‘the little people’ and their suffering is simply collateral damage at the expense of those considered too big to fail.

As in all things, there are usually two or three sides to a story. I usually side with the underdog so I’m opting to give the Gearing family the benefit of the doubt by joining my voice to the 100,000+ who’ve already signed the change.org petition.We can bring about change if we, ‘the little people’, work together. We are only going to get more of the same if we remain divided. Something tells me that top one percent wouldn’t mind that one bit. Please read Jeannette Gearing’s heartfelt letter below:


After my husband’s business went under, it broke my heart when we couldn’t pay the mortgage on our family farm, where we’ve lived for nineteen years and where my seven children grew up.

But we turned things around — we’ve pulled together the money we need to buy our farm and family home in cash. Yet we can’t, because our bank won’t let us. U.S. Bank won’t even consider an offer from us to buy our home until after they evict us on November 5th. I can’t let this happen to my family.

I started a petition on Change.org asking U.S. Bank to accept our offer to purchase our own home — before we’re evicted on November 5th.

Click here to sign my petition. Change.org

We’ve been trying to work with the bank for months so we can keep our home, but every time we call we’re forwarded along from representative to representative, and all of them just say they can’t negotiate with us.

I’m hoping that this petition will make a difference in helping my family keep our home. We all have been so humbled by all the love and support from everyone. I can barely read the comments people leave on my petition each night through the tears.

Will you add your name too? Click here to sign my petition to U.S. Bank, and help our family keep the farm.

Thank you so much for your help.

Jeannette Gearing


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