Parents Save Your Children From Honey Boo Boo and Type 2 Diabetes

The other day as I watched Honey Boo Boo slurp down spaghetti and eat cupcakes on some show or other I nearly threw the remote at the tv. Not just because I hate seeing a child exploited to satisfy our insatiable desire for train wreck entertainment, but also because Honey Boo Boo and Mama June are both overweight. It’s embarrassingly obvious The Learning Channel’s (TLC) latest breakout hit show’s popularity stem mostly from mother and daughter physical attribute.

It was pointed out the two were at a fancy restaurant. After the meal, perhaps before too, I didn’t see the whole thing, Alana signed autographs for other little kids who apparently look up to her. I don’t have a problem with Honey Boo Boo being a role model. What I hate is obviously no one cares about the child’s diet. The mother admits to giving her “Go Go Juice”, a potent elixir of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that supposedly contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, to get her pumped up for pageants.

Normally I’m of the opinion parents should be their children’s role model. However, speaking from the perspective of a Type 2 Diabetic, and knowing that childhood obesity is fast becoming an epidemic in these United States of America, TLC’s offering of Honey Boo Boo only perpetuates the problem.

It is a highly recognized fact that obesity is linked to Type 2 Diabetes, hence the reason it’s often referred to as ‘adult on-set diabetes’. People tend to exercise less as they grow older. The weight gain and other mitigating factors eventually cause the chronic disease to manifest later in life. Believe me I know from whence I speak.

Now days due to a high carb high fat content diet, often accompanied by a sugary beverage, and plain old lack of exercise, Type 2 Diabetes has become more prevalent in children. Type 1 Diabetes, something a child could be born with is one thing, Type 2, is a totally avoidable boo boo.

To make matters worse, recent studies are finding the disease is much harder to treat in children. Often their bodies quit responding to oral medication. Then if it hasn’t already, the big gun, insulin, enters the scene. Make no mistake, diabetes is chronic and must be managed. Type 2 diabetics of the mind they only had a ‘lil taste of sugar’ have suffered the consequences of their naïveté.

Health issues ranging from heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage, amputations, high blood pressure and kidney failure have schooled many a naïve diabetic the hard way. The longer a person has the disease, the greater the risk. So theoretically, people who develop diabetes as children may suffer its complications much earlier in life than previous generations who became diabetic as adults. The thought of children suffering such ailments earlier in life is sobering indeed.

A lot of folks are of the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ school of thought when it comes to diabetes. Not me. Knowledge is power. If someone had sat me down and had given me the cold, hard facts, I would’ve fought harder to avoid getting diabetes in the first place. As disease goes, diabetes is chronic – I know chronic sounds so doomsdayish – but diabetes is controllable.

While Honey Boo Boo chugs ‘go-go juice’, sucks down garbs of spaghetti, and eats cupcakes, parents realize you and not TLC must be a positive guiding force for your children. Type 2 diabetes in children is an avoidable boo boo. Encourage children to eat healthy foods, get plenty of physical activity and maintain a healthy weight.


My New Walking Song By VaShawn Mitchell

I love love love this song. Hope you do too.

It’s official. My new walking song is Vashawn Mitchell’s ‘Nobody Greater’. It became my favorite a little over a week ago. Usually I walk with my little baby radio tuned to the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). The song that adds pep to my step and makes me forget I’m walking becomes my walking song. It’s as simple as that. Last month my walking song was John Legend’s ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’. Believe it. Something about the music invigorated my soul.

Still, unlike ‘Nobody Greater’, Legend’s ‘Tonight…’ didn’t move me to throw my hands up in the air and dance my way up and down asphalt hills. Or trot on the gravel trails singing, “I looked all around, couldn’t find nobody, nobody greater than you,” at the top of my lungs. A jogger gave me the thumbs up. Guess he heard me as he headed my way. I waved with both hands and double-timed it down the trail, still singing loud enough to make the water fowl hasten their step.

Two songs could never be more different. I guess ‘Nobody Greater’ is spiritual, whereas ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had) is secular, even Marvin Gayish if you will. Additionally, ‘Nobody Greater’ for whatever reason, makes me think about songs by Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley, Mary Mary, and Kirk Franklin all rolled into one.  There’s another song that’s a runner up to ‘Nobody Greater’ but I won’t get into it right now. I’ll just say it has a hint of Bluegrass flavoring.

I confess to an eclectic taste in music and nowhere near a connoisseur.  A song either moves me or it doesn’t. When I’m driving I listen to music. When I’m walking I listen to music. First thing in the morning I listen to music. When I’m reading whether it’s a book, newspaper, magazine, or some internet article, music has no place. I use music the way some men use women and vice-versa. I can’t read while I’m walking or driving, so I use music to get by. Does that make me a bad person – kidding. Right now ‘Nobody Greater’ is my favorite song to walk to.  Below are the lyrics to ‘Nobody Greater’. Try singing along. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do right now.

Lyrics to Nobody Greater:

 [Verse 1:]

I climbed up to the highest mountain

I looked all around, couldn’t find nobody

Went down into the deepest valley

Looked all around down there, couldn’t find nobody

I went across the deep blue sea

Couldn’t find one to compare… to your grace, your love, your mercy

Nobody greater… nobody greater than you


Searched all over… couldn’t find nobody

I looked high and low… still couldn’t find nobody

Nobody greater… nobody greater no… nobody greater than you

[Verse 2:]

Nobody can heal… like you can

Oh most holy one you are the Great I Am

Awesome in all your ways and mighty is your hand

You are He who carried out redemption’s plan

You are He who carried out redemption’s plan

 [Chorus: x2]

Searched all over… couldn’t find nobody

I looked high and low… still couldn’t find nobody

Nobody greater… nobody greater… nobody greater than you

 Nobody greater… nobody greater… nobody greater than you [repeat, adlib and fade]

Is Mitt Romney Completely Wrong For The Country?

Wish I’d told the universe I wanted to be a poet

The great and powerful cyberverse has spoken and the consensus is Mitt Romney’s completely wrong for this great nation of ours. Ever hear the saying, “if you look up the word _____enter a word, in this case lets enter ‘liar’, in the dictionary you will see so and so’s picture? Since physical dictionaries are practically extinct now days, we have to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and stuff like that the word(s) to get the picture.

Remember when cyberverse was abuzz over Mitt Romney’s diatribe about 47 percent of the nation being slackers, pay no federal income tax, etc., etc.? How, apparently drunk with bravado among all those rich donors, he went on to state his role “is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Remember that?

Well like many of Romney’s positions of late, his position about those remarks has undergone a metamorphosis. After his debate with President Obama, exuding confidence and perhaps feeling he could afford to be a bit magnanimous, Romney walked back the disparaging comments. Instead of his words being inelegantly stated, Romney now confesses they were ‘just completely wrong’.

It’s been said what you send into the universe is what you get back. In this case cyberverse is the harbinger of bad news. On a friend’s advice, I Googled the words ‘completely wrong’, then clicked on images. Lo and behold, what did I see, image after image of Mitt Romney. I wondered if this could all be true and found more of the same at Planet Yahoo.

Whether Mitt Romney, should he become president, is truly wrong for the Country remains to be seen. But God Almighty he’s said such ‘out of touch’ things. “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance,” he is quoted as saying after vowing to eviscerate Obamacare.  Well thousands of Americans, were they alive to speak for themselves, might beg to differ. Not to mention the millions of uninsured who can’t afford to go to a doctor so put off checkups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Face value Mitt seems a likeable guy but when he opens his mouth sh**t really fly:

Corporations are people too; Planned Parenthood and PBS to balance the budget be gone with you. For a man who thinks nothing of making a $10,000 bet to nickel and dime us defunding programs that hardly make a dent. These programs for many mean so much. Are you really a mean guy or seriously out of touch?

Then you go overseas and insult our staunchest ally, oh Mitt with all your political grandstanding you are quite a guy. With all your money, Nascar-owning friends, and elevators to carry Ann’s Cadillacs, guess you are accustomed to talking smack. And just when the poor with their ‘safety nets’ were about to get lonely, you threw in the forty-seven percenters, oh my God, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney I don’t know what it’s like to be rich to tell the truth, but I do know it’s wrong to drive for twelve hours with my dog on the roof.  Animal lover that I am such cruelty makes my blood run cold, for what does it matter to gain the world and lose one’s soul.

Oh maybe I’m being superstitious but after Googling ‘completely wrong’ and getting your multiple image, the thought of you being president makes me quite squirmish.

Tigger And Zander, Examples Of How Smart Animals Really Are

Being my #1 fan is either boring or really hard work.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my friend and number one fan,  Tigger. I’m only doing so now because Tigger and a dog name Zander recently reminded me why I love cats and cannot stand, absolutely cannot stand to see any animal mistreated. Call me crazy but I am totally convinced animals have feelings much like humans. They experience hurt, sadness, happiness, loneliness, anxiety, anger, you name it. Some, like Tigger, even have an addictive personality. They become hooked on a certain food or certain routines. Some, gasp, are even cunning like Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Well perhaps not that cunning. Anyway, suffice it to say, animals are not dumb unfeeling beings, which the following two examples clearly show.

Here’s the tale in storytelling mode so as not to bore you…

The sun was just beginning to rise. As usual Tigger squeezed out soon as the door cracked opened. Instead of racing off to the kitchen way Zoey used to he stood on his hind legs to let me stroke his head. He then nudged my naked toes with his cold, damp nose, making me start my day with a good chuckle. His freedom came a little later than usual but he’s downright diplomatic about it. In the living room he pawed at his mat, then went for my toes again while I stood riveted in front of the television.

Zander and BFF, John Dolan

The weekend edition of Good Morning America (GMA) was on. The guests were Zander, a seven-year-old Samoyed-Husky mix and his owner John Dolan. The teaser was that Dolan was admitted to the hospital and a heartsick Zander trekked two miles to be by his side. The hosts know what suckers we are for a good animal story so keep us hanging for a while.

As I prepared Tigger’s breakfast, he didn’t meow even once. Looking down at the blissful cat I asked, “Who are you and where the hell is Tigger?” In answer, he dug his head hard against the edge of the wood surrounding the dishwasher, lawnmower purrs filling the kitchen.  After he’d eaten I let him drink from the bathroom faucet then let him out the front door.

With an ear out for Zander’s tale, I did a few chores then returned to the idiot box. “Release me,” I moaned really drawing it out. I don’t know how long I stood there before a noise, an outside distraction, got my attention. A persistent scratching I quickly recognized.  “Tigger, you know better,” I chastised, rushing to let him in before he could do damage. The cat shot past me as though the hound from hell was on his heels.

It wasn’t Cerberus but could’ve spelled equally bad news for the wayward tabby had his frantic clawing on the screen not gotten my attention. The neighbor’s dog, an Eddie on the show Frazier look-alike, charged right up to the opened patio door, teeth bared barking and growling.

Cigarette protruding from her hand like an extra appendage, my neighbor called to her charge and trotted across the back lawn. I ignored her as I scooped Tigger  into my arms. Tail bushed out three times its normal size, he allowed me to hold him. After several seconds he nipped at me to regain his alpha maleness then made his  way down the hall. “I just saved your life Mister Man,” I yelled after his retreating back. “You are so very welcome.”

Tragedy averted I returned to the tease show. Zander and his owner are on set. John is telling the hosts how Zander slipped away from home to find him. To be by his friend’s side, the loyal Husky took on some pretty dangerous terrain to get to a hospital he had never before been. The two mile trek, probably entailed crossing a nature reserve, stream, and even a busy four-lane highway. While Dolan talked the blue-eyed white husky sat there grinning tail wagging. It’s obvious the two love each other. Zander just went the extra miles to prove it.

Tigger and Zander are examples of how intelligent animals really are. I am sure some of you have stories just as interesting. Care to share?

U.S. Bank to Take Family’s Farm No Matter What

U.S. Bank versus Gearing Family


This is just one example of the thanks many ordinary Americans have gotten from the banks after banding together to bail out the wall street shysters. Remember back in ’08 when our great leaders told us allowing certain banks to go belly up would plunge us into a depression the likes of which we’d never known. Who could forget? After all, the message was just that dire. Fearing a great financial plague befalling our great nation, even though it made us throw up just a little in our mouth, we kept those Whores of Babylon from tumbling into the dark abyss.

Well, lo and behold, it was but a short walk to the gallows. In other words, it didn’t take long for financially stricken ‘regular folk’ to learn the favor would not be reciprocated. In fact while the rich one percent grew and continue to grow in largess from the American public’s generosity, people like the Gearing hit a brick wall of indifference when it comes to their own personal bailout. According to Jeannette Gearing, the family’s matriarch, the family’s home is in foreclosure. Even though the Gearing’s now have the money to buy their farm outright, come November the bank still plan to evict them. Apparently, the banks have regulations and rules when they apply to others. Not so much for themselves. Nor do they want them. In the end ‘the little people’ and their suffering is simply collateral damage at the expense of those considered too big to fail.

As in all things, there are usually two or three sides to a story. I usually side with the underdog so I’m opting to give the Gearing family the benefit of the doubt by joining my voice to the 100,000+ who’ve already signed the petition.We can bring about change if we, ‘the little people’, work together. We are only going to get more of the same if we remain divided. Something tells me that top one percent wouldn’t mind that one bit. Please read Jeannette Gearing’s heartfelt letter below:


After my husband’s business went under, it broke my heart when we couldn’t pay the mortgage on our family farm, where we’ve lived for nineteen years and where my seven children grew up.

But we turned things around — we’ve pulled together the money we need to buy our farm and family home in cash. Yet we can’t, because our bank won’t let us. U.S. Bank won’t even consider an offer from us to buy our home until after they evict us on November 5th. I can’t let this happen to my family.

I started a petition on asking U.S. Bank to accept our offer to purchase our own home — before we’re evicted on November 5th.

Click here to sign my petition.

We’ve been trying to work with the bank for months so we can keep our home, but every time we call we’re forwarded along from representative to representative, and all of them just say they can’t negotiate with us.

I’m hoping that this petition will make a difference in helping my family keep our home. We all have been so humbled by all the love and support from everyone. I can barely read the comments people leave on my petition each night through the tears.

Will you add your name too? Click here to sign my petition to U.S. Bank, and help our family keep the farm.

Thank you so much for your help.

Jeannette Gearing