Amir Jennings Missing But Not Forgotten

Amir, you are not forgotten.

Precious Amir Jennings is still MISSING. Amir, last seen with his mother in South Carolina was a mere one and a half year old, when first reported missing. It’s been nearly a year that surveillance video captured him with the woman who should have protected him. Instead the toffee-skinned toddler with tender bowed lips and wide impressive eyes vanished without a trace.

Amir’s mother has since been convicted of unlawful conduct for refusing to tell authorities where Amir might be. She’s been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Clearly, the woman who brought this adorable little bit into the world is useless as a penny with a hole in it. And the news media, finger on the pulse of our consciousness, unlike with little missing white girls, has decided Amir isn’t of interest to us. Some speculate it’s because he’s African American. Some say it’s gender-based. Some insist if he was wealthy neither gender nor race would matter.

I and many others who have featured this child prominently on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and various other reaches of the social  universe have decided we won’t allow a pick and choose media to deny that capacity within us – the capacity to care and be a voice for the most vulnerable among us.

Amir isn’t a little blond hair blue-eyed white girl. So what? Amir’s parents aren’t middle-class white people. So what? Amir isn’t some well-known celebrity’s child. So what? The media’s indifference suggests Amir is a ‘throw-away’. Listed among all the other MISSING children considered nothing more than collateral damage in a world of corrupt, amoral creatures in human form that prey on the innocent. I say screw the media and continue voicing your care for this innocent child of God on whatever platform available.

Amir belongs to us now. Like Proximo told Maximus in Gladiator, “Win the crowd and you will win your freedom.”  If you watched the movie, you know by that time Maximus had lost everything, including his wife and son. He was Proximo’s slave, a ‘throw-away’ gladiator, whose sole purpose was to entertain a blood-thirsty mob. Well, Maximus won over the crowd and in so doing became more powerful than an emperor.

We, you and I are the mob, the crowd. I knew Amir had slain my heart when, unable to clear my mind’s eye of that little face, I dug the newspaper out the trash. With those wide staring eyes prompting, I reread the article: Despite detectives’ pleas to national media, Amir’s disappearance has registered as scarcely a blip on the nation’s consciousness. I refused to believe noone cared about Amir so scoured the Internet. Aha, the crowd, perhaps not a horde, but many, without the backing of national media had made Amir their own. With this post and possibly others in the future, although I hope Amir will soon be found safe and sound, I gladly step into the fray.

At the risk of sounding overly obsessive about the movie Gladiator, I offer up one more quote. Lucilla attempting to pacify Commodus by disparaging Maximus’ hold on the people: “The mob is fickle, brother. He’ll be forgotten in a month.” It’s going on a year since Amir went missing and prominent newspapers herald his story. Just recently the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show mentioned Amir on the radio. Bloggers, Facebookers, Twitterers, Pinteresters, anonymous forum chatters, among others in the social universe, dare to defy the national media, featuring Amire’s image and discussing his case.

MISSING BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. We are the fickle mob and Amire, is our child. We must speak for him and others like him. If you haven’t already, please add Amir to your consciousness on whatever platform available and keep him in prayer.  I look forward to hearing how you are keeping Amir’s story alive. Strength and honor!


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