Vampire Killer, Naked, and Nasty Hot Meet Suddenly Skeptic

Suddenly skeptic ended up baking her own.

Nearly fell off the chair laughing the other night when First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on David Letterman’s Show. They got to talking about Kale Chips and Letterman said he was trying to lose some weight and a friend suggested he try Kale Chips to which he’d responded, “you’ve got to be kidding.”

“It looks like something you’d fish out of the bottom of your lawn mower,” Letterman joked. “But by God they were tasty. Hats off to Kale Chips!” That got my mouth watering because its been a while since I last had Kale Chips. Mine were homemade; baked fresh in the oven with just a bit of sea salt and EVOO. The baked aren’t as healthy as the dehydrated alternative but I think I’m doing good just to be eating kale chips baked or otherwise.

‘Vampire Killer’, ‘Naked, ‘Nasty Hot’, ‘Natural Nacho’, Leafy Kale Chips dehydrated, packaged under the name, Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale. The names alone were enough to make me want to try them. But I didn’t at the time because I was at Whole Foods and on a tight budget. Still those funky names teased my gray matter, making me wonder what Nasty Hot Kale Chips and the others tasted like. The kale banter between the First Lady and Letterman  just ripped the scab right off that two-month long craving. After deciding to go to Whole Foods as soon as conveniently possible, I made the mistake of googling Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale.

Brad, the owner, is 50 but with the flawless skin of someone much younger and a head of fluffy white hair, probably thanks to a raw food diet. Brad is a cutie if you don’t mind glasses, t-shirt and flip flops. His smile seems sincere and he has friendly eyes that draw you in. I liked his story and decided to order the sampler online instead of getting the chips from Whole Foods.

The web site featured lots of pictures, lots of stories, and lots of glowing testimonials. Unfortunately, it was those many testimonials cascading down the page that gave me pause. Only recently I’d read this blogger’s post about folks buying fake twitter followers. He’d likened the practice to paying for sex. Mind you I’ve been reading about authors paying for made up book reviews, presidential candidates amassing thousands of questionable twitter followers overnight, along with other social networking shenanigans that made me suddenly skeptical.

An example is best-selling British crime novelist RJ Ellory, being outed by Jeremy Duns a fellow writer. It seems Ellory couldn’t entrust his reviews to just anyone, so he wrote his own. Duns tweeted to the world how the author used two different names on Amazon, both singing Ellory’s writing genius, while trashing other authors. Have we become people willing to win at any cost? Then once found out apologize and move on having learned nothing, except maybe to be more careful next time?

Anyway, I digress. After reading each glowing testimonial, I viewed a video press kit with a clip from Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda on Today. Apparently Brad is pretty well known. Whether they’re all true or bought and paid for, I decided not to let an over-abundance of ‘glowing’ testimonials govern my consumer spending.  If ‘Vampire Killer’, ‘Naked, ‘Nasty Hot’, ‘Natural Nacho’, Leafy Kale Chips, aren’t to my liking I just won’t buy anymore. Any author or business paying for Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Book Reviews, and Lord knows what else should think about that. Like Duns I’m not claiming to be ethics police. Just saying it’s only a matter of time before you are busted one way or the other.


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