Congratulations Team USA for Bringing Home the Gold!


Congratulations Team USA for Bringing Home the Gold!

No doubt you are the greatest athletes in the world and yes, you are the CHAMPIONS and you are CHAMPIONS.

Out of all competing nations in the London 2012 Olympics, Team USA brought home the most gold medals with a total of 46. Combine that with 29 Silver and 29 Bronze for a grand total of 104 hard won medals. From archery to wrestling, TEAM USA medaled, testimony to hard work, discipline, strength, endurance, and a burning desire to do self and country proud.

Why do Olympic athletes bite their medals? Because winning taste so darn good. 

Swimming led the charge with a total of 16 juicy gold medals, followed by track and field with 9. All the rest was just golden nugget soup, sooo um-um good to the soul.

While Usain Bolt and Bruce Jenner, yeah the ‘Kardashians’ Bruce Jenner is a former gold-winning decathlete, needed a beer summit to settle who is indeed the world’s greatest athlete,  Ashton Eaton bought home decathlon gold and fellow American Trey Hardee bought home the silver. Kudos to them for delivering the decathlon one-two punch, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 1956. Don’t sweat it. You are all greatest athlete.

Congrats to China on their 88 medals, Russia’s 82, Great Britain’s 65, and all other competing nations. Their athletes are shining examples of what it means to go the distance. Hopefully prosperity and happiness will forever rain down upon each and every athlete who competed with integrity and tenacity.

Again, multiple fist pumps to Team USA for bringing home the most gold. Y’all did the darn thang. Whatever your future endeavor(s) live long and prosper.  London 2012 Olympics.


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