Unemployed and Searching For A Job? Good Luck With That

Click on link at the end of this post – good luck

Talk about having the deck stacked against you. While presidential candidate Mitt Romney refuses to show more than two years of back taxes and President Barack Obama deals with a ‘do-nothing’ congress hell-bent upon making him a one-term president, the unemployed are having to jump through virtual hoops attempting to land jobs with impossible requirements. All the while CEOs and those responsible for hiring are kicked back in their ivory towers while computer software programs are the gatekeepers to employment or the lack thereof.

Meanwhile we ordinary folks bicker among ourselves about the high unemployment and whose to blame for millions being out of work and who would be the best man to elect to improve the situation. Some insists that many unemployed, especially the long-term, are basically lazy and just aren’t looking hard enough. Really? Usually the thought of having a roof over one’s head and food in one’s belly is powerful incentive to obtain employment.

Void of critical thinking spewing garbage has become a national past time for many. Besides, in a country so enamored with the rich, calling out greedy CEOs insisting there aren’t enough qualified folks to fill all those vacant positions, just ain’t for the meek. Or reminding them when they claim the uncertain political climate and too many regulations make it hard to do business that little to no oversight got us in this mess in the first place.  Of course the same ones proclaiming the unemployed to be lazy will insist it was all the fault of the greedy liars vying for homes they couldn’t afford in the first place.

It is beyond time rich CEOs and so-called job creators trickle those jobs downto the rest of us. Instead of continual outsourcing, bringing in workers from overseas, and making it next to impossible for the average American to obtain employment.  As though their own greed and indifference isn’t mostly to blame for the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves, they speak glibly about their overflowing coffers. If only they could have who they wanted in the white house and no accountability while their personal largess balloon beyond all reason, maybe, just maybe they would start hiring and training instead of making people jump through impossible virtual hoops.

So, if you are unemployed and desperately searching for work, good luck with that. Please click on below link to learn why:



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