Please Feed the Trolls Part II

I’m a troll and I’m starved for attention. Feed me.

Serena Wins Her Fifth Wimbledon Title

Damn I love trolls! On the Internet reading about Serena Williams’ fantastic win at Wimbledon and watching the match on ABC. All I can say is Serena is definitely our American champion tennis player and we should all be proud. At 30 she’s still got it and not even the trolls can take that away.

Out on Huffington Post a troll called ‘Baldisbeautiful’ obviously has a personal vendetta against Serena. Any article about her and the ugliness crawls out of its hole to spew venomous rhetoric about this undeniably great female tennis player. In response to a comment about Serena’s health, said troll opined, “Boo, hoo! Oh, please, the women has access to the best doctors in the world with all of her money. I barely feel bad for her, or her money hungry family.” The avatar is a picture of a baldheaded dude. This troll seems obsessed with Serena, Venus, perhaps even the entire Williams family. In the meantime Serena is running down balls like someone half her age.

Trolls Just Keep On Trolling 

Elsewhere… Trolls are oh so indignant, raging about Serena being on ‘roids’ and saying how she ‘lookalikeaman’ and all else, attempting to get a rise. My ears are ringing. They are banging the keyboard like clanging pots and drooling all over themselves for attention. But…but…Serena threatened to shove a ball down a judge throat one troll sought to remind. Oh God that was so yesterday. Unless you are a robot who hasn’t shown anger or said something we didn’t mean? New Jersey Governor Christie revered by some for his famous temper just went off on a so-called heckler. Last I checked Serena isn’t a governor or a member of congress.

Just For Kicks Trolls Versus An American Champion

Never mind the trolls. Serena just hit the ground after so fabulously winning the match. She lost the second but came roaring back. Once off the ground she graciously shakes her opponent’s hand. The woman is so excited she’s having a hard time navigating the stands getting to her family. Climbing over a thingy she hugs first her daddy and pretty much everyone within arms-length. Serena, indeed the entire family, is so deliriously happy you would think it was her first win not her fifth Wimbledon title.

The loser, Agnieszka Radwanska, exudes graciousness. Listening to her and now Serena just brings tears to my eyes. No matter where they are from these are women we should all be proud of. The crowd at Wimbledon certainly seems to be embracing Serena to no end. Not that looks matter all that much but Serena looks to be in tip top shape. Now on to doubles, Venus and Serena. What’s next? The Olympics? Basketball’s my game but watching the Williams sisters play tennis is poetry in motion. They aren’t just champions. They are America’s champions.

The trolls of course beg to differ. Let’s hear it for the trolls. You never fail to disappoint with the insults. Your words were read loud and clear. No matter how ridiculous you entertain me. If not I wouldn’t have taken time to write ‘Please Feed the Trolls Part II’. Will there be a ‘Please Feed the Trolls Part III’? All I can say is stay tuned, lol.


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