Uncle Drew – Funny

What a way to cap off a l-o-n–g hot Fourth of July. Sitting in front of the laptop  I swore not to open today right before midnight. Finding this little gem forwarded by a friend makes a broken promise to myself seem okay.  Missed it during the NBA finals.  Well worth the wait. Still wiping tears from my eyes.

The below message came with the email. The video was presented by Pepsi Max.

When you get a few minutes watch this video its very funny:
Kyrie Irving (rookie of the year from Cleveland that played at Duke
2010) is one of my new favorite players.
They dress him up in movie make up and make him look like an 80
year old man and he goes to the street basketball courts in NJ and
gets in a pick up basketball game with all these young guys. at the
beginning playing terrible and then starts playing for real and its


TIP O’ THE DAY: Kids not eating veggies. Here’s a good way to sneak some in:

1 kiwi(peeled), 5-10 strawberries(depending on size), couple chunks of cantaloupe,1 pitted peach, 1 small banana, toss in fresh spinach, kale, romaine

Toss all into blender. Child will be none the wiser.

Note: Feel free to use your fruit and vegetable of choice. I recommend freezing the fruit. It makes a better smoothie and you won’t need to use ice.


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