Crazy B**tches Out of the Mouth of A Baby Doll??

Matthews 21:16 – King James Version

And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?

Psalms 8:2- King James Version

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies that thou mightiest still the enemy and the avenger.

In Matthew 21:16, praise arises from this source; In Psalms 8:2, God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes and sucklings.

Cursing baby dolls? What’s next?

I thought I’d heard everything until I stumbled across this video from news on CNN. As I watched the video, it brought to mind the old adage, ‘out of the mouth of babes…’. Unlike the babes and sucklings in the two bible verses these babies, specifically doll babies, at least the one in the pink, in no way offer praise and strength.

According to the Houston mother in the video, she bought the trio of baby dolls from the local ‘Toys R Us’. They come in a set and are dubbed the ‘You and Me Interactive Triplet Dolls. They interact alright but imagine this Texas mom’s shock when the one in the pink uttered something that sounded a whole lot like, “you crazy b**ch or crazy b**ch.”  Keep in mind these dolls are marketed to three-year-olds on up. While mommy was being videotaped for the story, her baby girl was pushing the little darlings around in their stroller. That someone could deliberately attempt to sully the minds of young girls, barely beyond babies, kept me from laughing.

Evidently this Texas mom is not the only one complaining. ‘Toys R Us’, according to sources, are aware of the controversial doll and has even posted a disclaimer stating it’s all just baby doll babble. In other words, believe them and not your lying ears. An online ad where some of the dolls are sold trumpets, the dolls let girls be girls while pretending to be adults. That they may end up talking like adults is exactly what this mother fears.

Well she’s not having it. She turned down an in-store credit and wants to see the dolls pulled from the shelves. I can’t say that I blame her. I don’t have a daughter, but if I had a three-year-old girl I wouldn’t want her listening to anything that sounded like that coming out of a doll’s mouth. During this age of reality tv children are exposed to enough boils on humanity as it is. Paraphrasing this mother, you don’t want your child growing up thinking such language is the norm rather than the exception.

Just like Janet Jackson apologized for the wardrobe malfunction heard round the world, I think Toys R Us should  issue an apology then pull these b**tches from the shelves, and replace with something more suitable if they must have interactive doll babies. Perhaps some cuties that utter something along the line of praise and strength, instead of, ‘crazy b**tches’.

Five Things You Can Do To Start Building a Healthier Lifestyle

That trusty number, that consolidated list we’ve all come to know and love.

  • Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • Thirty Days to Write a Book
  • Five Meals You Can Make in Under an Hour
  • Two Days to Whiter Teeth
  • How to Eat Half of Your Water Requirement a Day
  • # of Ways To Do This That The Other, Etc., Etc.

For busy folks short on time, a magical number to perform a specific task is a godsend. With this in mind I decided to do one better. Of course I was walk/jogging in my favorite park not too far from my house when the idea hit. Instead of writing ways to do a thing, why not show it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I could easily start there in the park, showing you a few things to do to start building a healthier lifestyle.

After a health scare last year, I thanked God to still be alive and hit the pavement. At first walking, even at a snail’s pace, was like pulling teeth due to my sedentary lifestyle. Now if I go more than three straight days without walking/jogging I miss it like a front tooth. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my teeth. How at least once or twice a year I have a dream, no more like a nightmare, of my teeth just falling out of my head and… Oops, I digress. Let’s just say it took a health scare to put me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

I realize folks have to do things in their own time. But like New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg said, we can’t continue to sit around wringing our hands over the obesity epidemic in this country.  To which a New Yorker from Brooklyn complained limiting the size of a big ass sugary drink won’t keep folks from getting a big ass. I agree. Limiting the size of sugary beverages IMHO is nothing more than an empty gesture. For the simple reason that such a law would only dictate – nobody likes to be dictated to – people need to be educated.

For starters nutritional classes should be taught in school, perhaps beginning in middle school. Unfortunately, my education didn’t begin until I was in the hospital where I learned a lot about nutrition, particularly carbs, portion control, exercise and the role they play in the balancing act that is the life of a diabetic. My education started a little late but better late than never.

So, in that vein, here are 5 things you can do starting today toward building a healthier lifestyle:

No. 1 – Don’t act like a stump. Hit the trail.

No 2 – Eat more nuts.

No. 3 – Meditate more.

No. 4 – Lift weights – start with 3/5 lbs dumbbells and work your way up.

No. 5 – Keep going don’t stop.

Basketball, Growing Boys, and Me

Never fear for I will watch over you.

What a difference a few months make. This kid, I’m not sure of his age, because I didn’t ask his dad last time we talked has shot up like a Leyland Cypress. He has also lost a lot of the baby fat. The family, three youngsters and mama and daddy, lives across the road from me. Back when it was cold, Dad and I exchanged small talk near the mailboxes. I mentioned the kids were growing up fast. Dad agreed and hinted at some friction currently between him and the oldest son, now a teenager.

Before I would jokingly inquire about the trouble, dad just put it out there that the youngest boy had asthma. Explanation for why his son was obese maybe. Although not tall, he appeared rather fit and I would venture to say not too tolerant of fat people. So, if not for asthma no way his son would be hefty.

I don’t know if he knew it or not but he had the neighbor in back of me to thank for his son’s transformation. When he put up the portable basketball hoop, it pissed me off because I thought the noise would interfere with my writing. Not to mention his boy couldn’t be more than three years old. And from what I could see couldn’t even throw the basketball high enough to reach the rim. There were times the dad and guys his age went one on one, but other than that the goal got little use.

Then fall rolled in and they started gathering like birds. Without even having to look out the window I knew when my neighbor’s boy had the ball. When he dribbled it sounded like Thor’s hammer smashing repeatedly into the ground. He was a rough kid and once crashed into the back of the owner of the basketball hoop’s Ford Explorer with the little boy’s scooter he’d earlier confiscated. He covered his mouth with a fist, swung around to see if anyone was watching. Either they’d not noticed or didn’t care. I was the only witness and all I could think was if there was a dent he deserved it for putting up the goal that attracted the boys like a magnet in the first place.

Before long I was calling him Heavy-D. Weather permitting he was out there banging that ball into the ground. Why that thing never exploded still boggles my mind. I think he was too rough for the other boys because they stopped showing up. No matter how cold he would be out there in his t-shirt banging away. And when he tired of playing basketball, he rang the neighbor’s doorbell. The guy handed him the scooter then closed the door. I couldn’t feel sorry for him because he seemed as content to play alone as with the other kids.

After a while I think his mom must’ve told him it was too cold to be out there bouncing a ball around. I missed that kid and hoped he hadn’t substituted video games with the great outdoors. Then the young ones started to gather again. The first thing he did was pick a fight with the garage folks’ kid. The boy was half his size but I’d seen him put down an uprising once. Three boys, a posse or brothers, I don’t know which but they attacked and he put them down one by one. They ran off and he played ball alone. His daddy looked like a body builder so I think Heavy-D picked on the wrong kid.

They fought in the street, on the erector of the goal’s lawn, and on the lawn next to his. No one intervened and quite frankly didn’t seem all that interested. Just boys being boys I suppose, survivor of the fittest and all that good stuff. Neither seemed the worst for wear when they swaggered like little gladiators back to the basketball area.

Eventually I took on a night project and was away for a while. When it was over I swear Heavy-D had grown a couple of inches. His body had even lost much of its roundness. Although he appeared to have mellowed, I still detected a bit of roughness around the edges as he zipped up and down the road on a bike, wind buffeting a much looser t-shirt. He vanished from view and returned giving another kid a ride. Up and down the road they went while others played basketball, soccer, and rough-housed, a melting pot of little fellows growing up right before my eyes. To tell the truth, I’m still slightly pissed at my neighbor for putting up the basketball hoop. But it’s a small price to pay to watch these boys grow up.

These are no lost boys. No Peter Pans. They will grow up, God willing, and life will become their own personal Captain Hook.