Five Things You Can Do To Start Building a Healthier Lifestyle

That trusty number, that consolidated list we’ve all come to know and love.

  • Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • Thirty Days to Write a Book
  • Five Meals You Can Make in Under an Hour
  • Two Days to Whiter Teeth
  • How to Eat Half of Your Water Requirement a Day
  • # of Ways To Do This That The Other, Etc., Etc.

For busy folks short on time, a magical number to perform a specific task is a godsend. With this in mind I decided to do one better. Of course I was walk/jogging in my favorite park not too far from my house when the idea hit. Instead of writing ways to do a thing, why not show it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I could easily start there in the park, showing you a few things to do to start building a healthier lifestyle.

After a health scare last year, I thanked God to still be alive and hit the pavement. At first walking, even at a snail’s pace, was like pulling teeth due to my sedentary lifestyle. Now if I go more than three straight days without walking/jogging I miss it like a front tooth. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my teeth. How at least once or twice a year I have a dream, no more like a nightmare, of my teeth just falling out of my head and… Oops, I digress. Let’s just say it took a health scare to put me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

I realize folks have to do things in their own time. But like New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg said, we can’t continue to sit around wringing our hands over the obesity epidemic in this country.  To which a New Yorker from Brooklyn complained limiting the size of a big ass sugary drink won’t keep folks from getting a big ass. I agree. Limiting the size of sugary beverages IMHO is nothing more than an empty gesture. For the simple reason that such a law would only dictate – nobody likes to be dictated to – people need to be educated.

For starters nutritional classes should be taught in school, perhaps beginning in middle school. Unfortunately, my education didn’t begin until I was in the hospital where I learned a lot about nutrition, particularly carbs, portion control, exercise and the role they play in the balancing act that is the life of a diabetic. My education started a little late but better late than never.

So, in that vein, here are 5 things you can do starting today toward building a healthier lifestyle:

No. 1 – Don’t act like a stump. Hit the trail.

No 2 – Eat more nuts.

No. 3 – Meditate more.

No. 4 – Lift weights – start with 3/5 lbs dumbbells and work your way up.

No. 5 – Keep going don’t stop.


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