Update on Zoey

Zoey went to the vet last Friday. To get her there took an act of congress but once she was inside the carrier she maintained her dignity. Unfortunately I couldn’t accompany her but was told once she was in the examining room she didn’t run or meow, not even once. The results from the blood test won’t be back until sometime next week. Hopefully, she doesn’t have diabetes or any other dreaded disease cats are prone to. If she does, I’m sure she’ll show strength like always.

This little cat, is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I mean she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. For days she subsided on grass, water, and probably the fat stored on her body. Each time I lost hope and said to myself, ‘this is going to be her last day,’ out came Zoey, little pig tail raised, purring up a storm. If it wasn’t for the jutting bones and wizened head, I would’ve thought she was a-okay.  All last week my heart was heavy because I was sure she had one foot in the grave. Nope, not yet. Matter of fact, all slimmed down, she was jumping on the bed like a mountain lion. Zoey usually claws and tears her way on top the bed. Showing such strength during her weakest moment. Like I said the little cat is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Yesterday she ate and didn’t throw it back up. Today she ate even more and so far has kept it down. Already she seems to be putting on a little weight. A sure sign that she’s back or nearly is she meowed at my closed door this morning. When I let her in she jiggled to me curly tail raised high, purred and rubbed against my legs as I stroked her. Then she pranced off to the kitchen and sniffed at the food bowl. Yeap, Zoey’s back.

A gaunt and thin Zoey


The vet said no more dry food for Zoey. To keep her away from it, we feed Tigger on the kitchen table. Zoey has never attempted to jump that high. I started feeding Zoey Purina One Smartblend. The so-called Premium Pate. I switch between it and Fancy Feast, so-called Appetizers for cats. The names they give this cat food is unreal.  And don’t get me started on the flavors: white meat chicken appetizer in a delicate broth, classic turkey recipe, chicken and turkey casserole with greens. Yum-yum.

Tigger and Zoey before she got sick


I’m just glad Zoey’s back to eating.  Thanks for your prayers. A special shout-out to Funkykarmamagic. Pluma is beautiful. So glad she took time out of her busy day to purr-yer for Zoey. On top of everyone’s purr-yers, Zoey got kisses to the forehead from her mommy. Zoey is loved and I think she knows it. I was told when she returned from the vet she flaunted herself in front of Tigger and nearly paid dearly. Tigger is very very jealous when it comes to their mommy. I guess he smelled her on Zoey and went berserk. His uncharitable behavior toward the in-valid earned him an extended stay outside. Which I’m sure he didn’t mind.

Will continue to keep you posted on Zoey’s progress.


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