I feel like springtime

I feel like springtime. I cut off nearly all my hair a week ago. It was so damaged from perms and texturizers it resembled a dying hedge bush. It probably felt like a dying hedge too, dry and brittle to the touch. With Spring fast approaching I figured why not start anew.

Short-short natural hair I know isn’t for everyone. But I love running my palms and fingers across the curly softness and knowing that like me, my hair is also starting over. Also I love having the breeze caress my scalp when I’m out walking in the park or wherever. Last Sunday while I walked in the drizzling rain I felt my scalp actually tingling. It was like the rain was fertilizer and my hair rejoicing flowers. I usually wear a ball cap when I’m out walking to catch sweat. But on that occasion and a couple of others, I decided to set my head free.

Now the artist in me is craving a bit more flair. So, I’m seriously thinking of adding some color. I don’t like the gray tinging my edges. I also don’t like the commercial hair dyes on the store shelves. I was toying with the idea of maybe trying henna. Having only dyed my hair once in my life, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I called a friend to get her take on the henna since she had used it. Surprisingly, she suggested something called ‘Amla’. I never heard of it. I was in my car headed out to get it when I decided to proceed with caution.

Blogs, they say are supposed to offer information, suggestions, and all that good stuff. Trust me, I plan to do just that. But right now I would like to hear from those of you with first-hand knowledge of this ‘Amla’ before I go slapping it on my head. I’ve voyaged out in cyberspace and encountered a plethora of ‘Amla’ information, testimonials and all. Still, I would like to hear your opinion on the stuff.

A hardly used road I walk in my neighborhood.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this inspirational tidbit – at least I hope you find it inspiring. It’s gorgeous here where I live in North Carolina. A word of caution though. The pollen is plentiful as the trees are in full bloom. Unless your sinuses or some other ailment prevent your going out of doors, I say pay the park a visit or simply walk around your neighborhood.

If you opt out of taking a walk, do at least ten minutes of some sort of exercise. Just ten minutes is beneficial if you get your heart rate going. Try dancing, jumping jacks, running in place, or combine them all. Your heart will thank you.

And if you stress a lot like I do, remember you can’t stress and exercise at the same time.  So get moving.

I am diabetic. I have high blood pressure. I am carrying too much weight due to the sedentary lifestyle I once led. But if the Lord took me this very moment, at least I would leave this world


A park where I walk.


2 responses to “I feel like springtime

  1. Mary, it was wonderful reading your blog on springtime. Thanks for directing me to this website. Have a wonderful and Bless Day!

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